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Welcome to the EasyArmy.com site for
building Warlord Games Bolt Action lists

8/30/2014 - A few more UI tweaks in prep for Tank War. Please let me know if your browser has any issues, and any feedback you have.
If the platoon page looks odd, try refreshing the page to get the newest CSS file.

      Bolt Action Errata and FAQ PDF
      Bolt Action Additional Units PDF

08/28/14 - Modified display in preparation for Tank War lists.
08/12/14 - German Assault Engineers Squad (Sturmpioniere) added from the Additional Units PDF.
07/16/14 - QRCode added to PDF and Direct List Access link added.
06/28/14 - Sent to Tournament function added. Special Rules added to PDF.
06/17/14 - Partisans generic list and selectors added. France and the Allies book finished.

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